Fit your wedges to your game

Choose Your Bounce

Bounce is the angle between leading and trailing edge of the sole that prevents the wedge from digging into the turf or sand.

The correct bounce will help you optimize ball contact and achieve maximum spin.

High Bounce
Steeper Attack Angle
  • Enhanced for full deep rough situations and bunker shots
Standard Bounce
Neutral Attack Angle
  • Enhanced for full shots and pitches
  • Medium to soift conditions
  • Medium to large divots
Low Bounce
Neutral/Shallow Attack Angle
  • Enhanced for open face angle
  • Medium to hard conditions
  • Shallow divots on full shots

Wedge Selector

Looking to step up your game, but need a new wedge to help get you to the next level? A quarter of all of your shots taken will be played with a wedge, so it is important to help you find the right one to maximize your potential.

With this tool, we'll help you find the best golf wedge for you - based off factors like your handicap, personal preferences, and more.