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A Putting Clinic With Team TaylorMade

Sit back and enjoy 20-minutes of Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Jon Rahm, Jason Day, Collin Morikawa and Matthew Wolff explaining their different philosophies and feels when it comes to reading and rolling putts. Using their Spider mallet putters and TP Collection blades, this group knows a thing or ...

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How to Hit High and Low Bunker Shots With Jason Day

Learn how to hit Jason Day's stock, high floating bunker shot as well as a lower flighted one that runs out in this tip from a major champion and bunker master gaming his Milled Grind 2 wedge from TaylorMade Golf....

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201021 SIM MAX iron

チームテーラーメイドはSIM MAXの打音を聞き分けられるか?

SIM MAXアイアンは、インパクト時に心地のよい打感と打音を実現する。テーラーメイドの独自技術「スピードブリッジ」を改良し、新たに「エコーダンピングシステム」を搭載したことで、心地のよい打感とともにあなたのゲームを向上させるアイアンだ。そんな理想的な打音を生み出すSIM MAXアイアンと、フォージド構造のP760アイアンをジェイソン・デイがランダムに打ち、目隠しをしたタイガー・ウッズ、ローリー・マキロイ、ジョン・ラーム、ダスティン・ジョンソン、コリン・モリカワ、マシュー・ウルフがその違いを比較する。果たして、その結果は・・・?...

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TM20 MWD CCU15 SIM Gloire Mens LFS JPO 0002 538 v2

【SIMグローレ】 ツアープロ 試打インプレッション ドライバー前編

『思い通りの飛びへ。目指したのはクラブの理想形。』 SIMシリーズとグローレが合体したSIMグローレ。それをチームテーラーメイド6名のプロが体験。 やさしさと飛距離を体感したプロの感想は? ※ここをタップすると動画に遷移します...

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Why DJ, Jon Rahm & Collin Morikawa Game MG Hi-Toe Wedges

Dustin Johnson, Jon Rahm, and Collin Morikawa, the first-, second- and sixth-ranked golfers in the world, discuss why they game the Milled Grind Hi-Toe Wedge from TaylorMade Golf. While the wedge may float in and out of their setups based on the course they're playing that week, each of these elite ...

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How Jason Day Tests His Drivers

Follow along as Chris Trott talks with Team TaylorMade's Jason Day about the driver testing process, his first impressions of SIM driver, what he looks for in golf ball performance and a lot more in this 300-yard Walk....

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Short-Sided Chipping W/Me And My Golf

Being short-sided is never fun. Take the stress out of those chip shots and eliminate the big scores with this helpful tip from Me And My Golf....

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Find the Putting Fall Line With Sierra Brooks

Team TaylorMade's Sierra Brooks helps you dial in your green-reading skills with a simple drill you can do at your local practice putting green. Simply break down the putt into two, find the high line, and start practicing your pace....

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Rory McIlroy vs. DRONES

GAME ON! Experience Rory McIlroy's laser-like accuracy and speed as he attempts to take down as many flying drones and hit as many moving targets as possible with stinging iron shots in Rory vs. Drones!...

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How Jon Rahm Hits His Wedges

A master of the short game, Team TaylorMade's Jon Rahm goes through a tutorial on how he hits certain wedge shots, from half swings to full, high-lofted lobs, Rahm has all the shots with his Milled Grind 2 wedge and MG Hi-Toe Wedge from TaylorMade Golf...

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Rory McIlroy Tests the P·7MB Irons

Back in January, Team TaylorMade's Rory McIlroy visited The Kingdom in Carlsbad, Calif. to get his new equipment dialed in. Toward the end of the session, he was presented with a brand-new prototype of what would become the all-new P·7MB irons from TaylorMade. This type of player testing is crucial ...

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How Collin Morikawa Hits His Wedges

2020 PGA Championship winner Collin Morikawa hits wedge shots with his Milled Grind 2 wedges and explains the importance of spin, trajectory, what he feels and visualizes when hitting certain shots and dishes on a lot more inside info. Take some of these thoughts and cues to the course with you the ...

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Bale YT

A Full Day of Golf With Soccer Star Gareth Bale

Soccer superstar Gareth Bale goes through a full-day fitting with TaylorMade director of Sports Marketing Chris Trott at the TaylorMade performance center in Madrid, then hits the short game area to get the bottom half of his bag dialed in....

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Signature Holes with Erik Anders Lang

What makes a "signature hole"? Team TaylorMade's Erik Anders Lang dives into the subject and notion of a course having a signature hole, how he mentally approaches playing one and a lot more in this first installment of our new series Signature Holes. ...

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"3 to 1" Tempo Drill for Better Ball Striking

In this Team TaylorMade Tip, myRoundPro ambassador Rick Sessinghaus explains shows how a timed tempo drill can improve your golf ball striking ability. Learn more about the myRoundPro app:

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Use Your Divots to Help Hit it Straight

In this Team TaylorMade Tip, myRoundPro ambassador Rick Sessinghaus explains how your divot patterns can help correct the path your club face is on during your golf swing. Learn more about the myRoundPro app:

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Watch as Team TaylorMade's Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson and Jason Day put their short game to the test by attempting to chip into a Skee Ball setup with their Milled Grind 2 wedges and TP5 and TP5x golf balls from TaylorMade Golf. Who do you think will win?...

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How Dustin Johnson Hits His Wedges

Dustin Johnson is known for belting massive drives out on the PGA Tour, but he's also has a sharp short game to match. Listen and watch as DJ, swinging a Milled Grind 2 wedge, breaks down some of his wedge technique, thought process and more with TaylorMade's Bill Price....

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